Symposium: Provisional Schedule

[Update: The Symposium is now full and with a substantial waiting-list. Unfortunately the room cannot fit any more people, and so if you have not registered already then you will not be able to attend. We are happy to put you on the waiting-list, but it is very unlikely that a space will become available at this stage.]

This is the full schedule for the Symposium on 5 September 2011. Please note that it is provisional -- in particular the order of papers could change -- but the overall picture should not. Any questions can be sent to the usual e-mail address: digipal [at]

We look forward to seeing you there!

Location: Council Room (K2.29), Strand Campus, King's College London. For directions see here.

9:30-10:00: Coffee and registration
10:00–11:00: Introduction, followed by

  • Plenary Lecture: Elaine Treharne (Florida State University), A Site for Sore Eyes: Digital, Visual and Haptic Manuscript Studies

11:00–11:20: Coffee Break

11:20–12:30: Session 1. Chair: Orietta da Rold (University of Leicester)

  • Peter Stokes (King’s College London): DigiPal in Theory
  • Stewart Brookes (King’s College London): DigiPal in Practice
  • Erik Kwakkel (Leiden University): The Digital Eye of the Paleographer: Using Databases to Identify Scribes and Date their Handwriting

12:30-13:30: Lunch (provided for all registered participants)

13:30–15:00: Session 2. Chair: Ségolène Tarte (University of Oxford)

  • Wim Van Mierlo (University of London): How to Work with Modern Manuscripts in a Digital Environment — Some Desiderata
  • John McEwan and Elizabeth New (Aberystwyth University): The Seals in Medieval Wales Project: Towards a New Standard in Digital Sigillography
  • Ben Outhwaite and Huw Jones (Cambridge University Library): Navigating Cambridge’s Digital Library: the Cairo Genizah and Beyond

15:00–15:20: Coffee Break

15:20–16:50: Session 3. Chair: Malte Rehbein (Universität Würzburg)

  • Franck Le Bourgeois (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon): Overview of Image Analysis Technologies
  • James Brusuelas (University of Oxford) and John Wallin (Middle Tennessee State University): The Papyrologist in the Shell
  • Els De Paermentier (Ghent University): Diplomata Belgica: Towards a More Creative and Comparative Palaeographical Research on Medieval Charters

16:50–17:00: Short Break

17:00–17:30: Panel Discussion with Michelle Brown (University of London), Donald Scragg (University of Manchester) and Marc Smith (École Nationale des Chartes), chaired by Clare Lees (King's College London)

There is no formal evening event, but we will be having dinner in a local restaurant. If you are interested in attending (at your own expense) then please email the organisers at digipal [at]


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