Post-Graduate Conference on Western Palaeography to c. 1100

Yet more palaeographical activity, this time based at King's:

Liminal Networks: Western Palaeography to c.1100

3 June 2014
King’s College London, Strand Campus

Keynote Speaker: Professor Winfried Rudolf, University of Göttingen

The Centre for Late Antique and Medieval Studies (CLAMS) at King’s College London is pleased to announce a call for papers for its first post-graduate conference on Western Palaeography to c. 1100. This one-day, interdisciplinary event seeks to foster and encourage the pursuit of late antique and early medieval paleography studies amongst a younger generation of future scholars.

The conference seeks to explore the multivalent approaches that western European cultures took to book production, whilst also exploring the intercultural connections that influenced each other in the development of each culture’s unique forms of manuscript production. We welcome paper abstracts from postgraduate and post-doctoral researchers in all relevant disciplines to submit papers that are related to, but not limited, any of the following topics:

  • Book production in the early medieval world
  • Development and Nuances of ‘National’ Script Systems
  • Analyses of scriptoria production
  • Intercultural manuscript networks and transmissions of texts
  • Political implications of script usage
  • Script development, reform, and change
  • Famous scribes and their work
  • Influence of early medieval scripts and book production in later centuries
  • The role of palaeography in modern literary teaching
  • Past approaches to late antique and early medieval palaeography
  • Digitization efforts of late antique and early medieval manuscripts

We also encourage paper submissions covering a variety of geographic areas in late antique to early medieval Western Europe.

Please send a 200 word abstract (in English) for a twenty-minute paper and a short biography to by 3rd March.

Organizing committee: Colleen M. Curran (KCL), Christine Bobbit Voth (Cambridge), and Professor Julia Crick (KCL)

This conference is generously supported by funds provided by King’s College London.

The conference website is also available at

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