The pages here give more help and information about the DigiPal project. Further documentation is in preparation and will be available shortly.

The material is divided into three sections.

For all users of DigiPal:

  • Glossary: A brief glossary of some key terms on this website.
  • The Digital Lightbox: How the Lightbox works, and how to use it effectively.

For people who want to use the DigiPal framework for their own content:

  • The DigiPal Data Model: A more detailed description of how the data is organised 'behind the scenes'.
  • The Annotation Process: Instructions of how to go about annotating images yourself.
  • The 'Administrators' Interface: An overview of the interface 'behind the scenes' where you can add and edit the records about manuscripts, scribal hands, and so on.
  • The 'Virtual Machine': Instructions to download and run a standalone installation of the DigiPal framework on your own computer (without publishing it widely on the internet).

For people with programming skills who want to do more advanced work:

  • Installing DigiPal: Instructions for installing the framework on a web server for wider publication on the internet.
  • Configuring DigiPal: How to change details of the configuration for your particular needs.
  • Upgrading DigiPal: How to upgrade the framework to incorporate new changes in the software.
  • Web API Syntax: How to use the HTTP API to query DigiPal directly.
  • JavaScript API Library: How to use the Javascript API for your own queries and interaction with the data.