This page is obsolete. It is kept here for archival purposes, but for an up-to-date version please see the DigiPal Framework wiki on GitHub at

These below are the basic requirements to configure DigiPal and make it work correctly. All the optional configurations are available in the file you can find in the DigiPal project folder.


In order to run the DigiPal Database we used a PostgresQL database server. Therefore, we recommend you to use PostgresQL as well since we cannot ensure that the database will work on other RDBs.

Set up the database in your file and fill the DATABASES object with your settings:

DATABASES = { 'default': { 'ENGINE': '', 'NAME': '', 'USER': '', 'PASSWORD': '', 'HOST': 'localhost', 'PORT': '', } } 

After that, run in your terminal the following commands:

python syncdb python migrate 

Image uploads

UPLOAD_IMAGES_URL = 'uploads/images/' UPLOAD_IMAGES_ROOT = os.path.join(PROJECT_ROOT, MEDIA_URL.strip('/'), UPLOAD_IMAGES_URL.strip('/')) MAX_THUMB_LENGTH = 50 


HAYSTACK_CONNECTIONS = { 'default': { 'ENGINE': 'haystack.backends.elasticsearch_backend.ElasticsearchSearchEngine', 'URL': 'http://localhost:9200/', 'INDEX_NAME': 'haystack', }, } ITEM_PART_DEFAULT_LOCUS = 'face' 

IIP   Image Server

IMAGE_SERVER_WEB_ROOT = 'jp2' IMAGE_SERVER_HOST = '' IMAGE_SERVER_PATH = '/iip/iipsrv.fcgi' IMAGE_SERVER_ZOOMIFY = 'http://%s%s?zoomify=%s/' IMAGE_SERVER_FULL = 'http://%s%s?FIF=%s&RST=*&QLT=100&CVT=JPG' IMAGE_SERVER_THUMBNAIL = 'http://%s%s?FIF=%s&RST=*&HEI=35&CVT=JPG' IMAGE_SERVER_THUMBNAIL_HEIGHT = 35 IMAGE_SERVER_RGN = 'http://%s%s?FIF=%s&%s&RGN=%f,%f,%f,%f&CVT=JPG' IMAGE_SERVER_EXT = 'jp2' 


IMAGE_SERVER_URL = 'http://%s%s' % (IMAGE_SERVER_HOST, IMAGE_SERVER_PATH) IMAGE_SERVER_ROOT = '/vol/digipal2/images' IMAGE_SERVER_UPLOAD_ROOT = 'jp2' IMAGE_SERVER_ORIGINALS_ROOT = 'originals' IMAGE_SERVER_UPLOAD_EXTENSIONS = ('.jp2', '.jpg', '.tif', '.bmp', '.jpeg') IMAGE_SERVER_ADMIN_UPLOAD_DIR = os.path.join(IMAGE_SERVER_UPLOAD_ROOT, 'admin-upload') 


Giancarlo Buomprisco