Handwriting and the Digital Humanities, University of Roehampton, Wednesday 11th November 2015

When: Wednesday 11th November 2015, 1.00-2.00pm

Where: University of Roehampton, Fin001, Fincham Building

Arianna Ciula (Research Facilitator, Roehampton)

In this paper I will reflect on the 'emergent meanings' of digital palaeography by analysing recent approaches and conceptualisation in the field. A contextualised take of the term 'digital' coupled with 'humanities' will be used to frame current approaches in digital palaeography as critical and self-reflective. Further, I will show how these approaches can operate within an intermedia-aware framework by connecting the structure of expression of handwriting with structures of meaning. Moving back from a formal to an historically situated analysis of the discipline, I will show how digital approaches relate to the scholarly tradition of the study of handwriting and writing systems as a whole. Finally, I will relate practices of modelling of handwriting in digital palaeography to modelling in digital humanities.



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