InScribe Training Platform for Palaeography and Manuscript Studies

I am very pleased to report the recent launch of InScribe, an online course for palaeography and manuscript studies which has been developed by the School of Advanced Studies and which is available at <>. You can see the introductory module now which includes text, photographs of manuscripts, videos of documents presented by people like Dr Erik Kwakkel from Leiden and Prof. Julia Crick from King's College London, as well as some exercises for transcription of medieval script. The site will soon include more content on script and transcription as well as modules on diplomatic, codicology and illumination. The introductory module is freely available, and some of the more advanced modules will be as well, although a paid subscription will be required for the full content.

The project has run in collaboration with the Department of Digital Humanities at King's College London, Senate House Library, and Exeter Cathedral Library and Archives. The bulk of the work has been done by Dr Fran Alvarez-Lopez of the School of Advanced Studies, and the project was devised by Prof. Michelle Brown (of the Institute of English Studies) and Dr Jane Winters (of the Institute for Historical Research). Of course InScribe is is not part of DigiPal at all, but I am happy to say that I did have some involvement in it, and that the technology underlying the transcription tool in InScribe is the same that we are using for DigiPal.

Enough from me, though: go yourself, sign up, and try your hand at transcribing some medieval handwriting!


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