dhAHRC Workshop in Oxford: Friday 13th June 2014

Just when you thought that your week couldn't get any better, we thought we'd add extra cheer with a quick mention of the dhAHRC workshop that is set to take place on Friday 13th June 2014. Friday 13th? What better way to counter your Friggatriskaidekaphobia than to toddle along to Oxford this Friday?

It's a full-day workshop, covering different perspectives and areas of Digital Humanities, showcasing how digital approaches create world-leading research and new ways to engage with data and the public. (With apologies to the organisers for travestying their lovingly-crafted description.) 

According to the website, "topics covered will include: citizen science, crowdsourcing, sharing data, digital publishing, IP and copyright, and two stimulating panels made up of experts working on and running a broad range of large scale digital projects running in Oxford".

Speakers include:

  • Matt Vitins and Anna Crowe (Legal and Ethical Issues in the Digital Humanities)
  • Dr Robert Simpson (Zooniverse)
  • Dr Ernesto Priego and Dr James Baker (Sharing Data from a Researcher’s Perspective),
  • Michael Popham
  • Dr Christine Madsen (Digitising the Humanities and Engaging with the Public)
  • Judith Siefring (Early English Books Online Text Creation Partnership)
  • David Tomkins (Bodleian Digital Library)
  • Dr Robert Mcnamee (Electronic Enlightenment Project)
  • Dr Michael Athanson (ArcGIS and Mapping the Humanities)
  • Professor David de Roure (Scholarly Social Machines)
  • Professor Howard Hotson (Cultures of Knowledge: Networking the Republic of Letters, 1550-1750)

Of course, you can't have a hip'n'happening Digital Humanities bash without DigiPal being involved.[1] So, I'll be giving a paper entitled "Getting Medieval, Getting Palaeography: The DigiPal Database of Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts". Come along. It's better than staying in bed cowering.[2] Really. 

More details here: Oxford dhAHRC

[1] Well, technically I suppose you could. But we wouldn't be there to see it.

[2] "This Friday some people will be so paralyzed with fear they simply won't get out of bed.": http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2004/02/0212_040212_friday13.html



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