DigiPal/Models of Authority at DH2016

As noted over on the Models of Authority site, the project team there was represented at Digital Humanities 2016 in Krakow. We presented a poster showing how the DigiPal framework has now been extended to include texts alongside images, and the texts themselves can be marked up according to project-specific schemas in order to allow searching by type of text as well as palaeographic feature. The full abstract is now published online, and the accompanying poster is embedded below. A high-resolution version in PDF is also available by clicking on the image (3.77 MB).

  • P.A. Stokes, S. Brookes, G. Noël, J.R. Davies, T. Webber, D. Broun, A. Taylor, and J. Tucker, J. 'The Models of Authority Project: Extending the DigiPal Framework for Script and Decoration', in Digital Humanities 2016: Conference Abstracts, ed. by Maciej Eder and Jan Rybicki (Krakow, 2016), pp. 896-99. Available at http://dh2016.adho.org/abstracts/387

Image of the Models of Authority poster from DH2016

Models of Authority Poster, DH2016. Click to download full version (3.77 MB)


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