DigiPal at DH2014

The DigiPal project will be represented at DH2014 in Poster Session 1 at 14:00-15:30 in the Amphipôle Building, UNIL, on July 10th. I will be there to demonstrate not only the latest version of DigiPal, but also to provide an exclusive view of ScandiPal and SephardiPal, two projects by PhD students, Matilda Watson and Debora Matos, who are extending and applying the framework to eleventh-century Scandinavian fragments and fifteenth-century Hebrew manuscripts from the Iberian Peninsula. You will also get to see the back end and new API, and to discuss the finer details of the framework and how you could use and extend it yourself. The published abstract for the poster is freely available online at http://dharchive.org/paper/DH2014/Poster-193.xml, and a copy of the poster is below (3.9MB); if you look closely at the poster then you'll find some other interesting details buried in there which will be announced publicly before long.

I hope to see you there!



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