Directions to Council Room, Strand Campus KCL

The Strand Campus at KCL is confusing at the best of times, and so here are some detailed directions to the Council Room (K2.29).

The Strand Campus is made up of several buildings, most of which are now joined together internally. This means that you may not notice when you move from one building to the next, but it is important to be aware of this in order to keep your orientation. In our case, the main entrance from the Strand is into the ground floor of the Strand Building, but the Council Room is in the adjacent King's Building.

The easiest route to the Council Room is probably to go in through the revolving doors at the main entrance on the Strand. You will then be in the large open space visible on the right in the map of the Strand Building Ground Floor on the KCL website. You will see elevators in front of you, and just to the left of that a corridor going straight ahead (marked 'To King's Building' on the map). Take that corridor, and you will then be in Level 0 of the King's Building. This is shown in a second map on the KCL website. Note, however, that this map is rotated 90° clockwise relative to the previous one, so you will be coming in from the far left on this map whereas you went out the top of the previous one. If you continue straight down the corridor (from left to right on the map) you will come to a large foyer which opens out on your right, and the Great Hall on your left. You will also see some large staircases going up in the foyer; take these, or the lifts on your left just past the Great Hall, to King's Building Level 2 (for which there is yet another map). At Level 2, you will see the Chapel; if you go down the corridor to your left as you face the Chapel (so back towards the Strand Building) you will find the Council Room on the left. It is Room K2.29.


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