MMSDA Public Lecture: Modeling Textuality

I'm happy to announce that Dr Arianna Ciula will be giving a public lecture on 'Material culture and societal resonance in Digital Humanities: Modelling Textuality' in London on Wednesday. This is part of the 'Medieval and Modern Manuscript Studies in the Digital Age' (MMSDA) course which is running again in London and Cambridge next week (as reported in an earlier post). The course is available to registered participants only (and is now very much full!), but two lectures next week will be public. Details of the talk are as follows:

Material culture and societal resonance in Digital Humanities: Modelling Textuality

When: 6 May 2016: 5.30pm - 7.30pm
Where: Gordon Room/G34, Senate House
To Register: E-mail

Modelling is claimed to be a core research methodology in Digital Humanities. Inspired by a material culture framework, this lecture will reflect on the concept of modelling and its practices in particular with respect to textuality. While extensible to other cultural artefacts, the main remit of this lecture will be the modelling process of texts-bearing historical documents. By claiming that modelling is a meaning-making process, the lecture will emphasise the potential of Digital Humanities research to be socially resonant, for instance, with respect to public history and big data. Drawing on examples from the research conducted by the author herself as well as DiXiT fellows, the lecture will exemplify three intertwined levels of modelling textuality in the digital environment:

  1. image and document-based modelling of the material sources;
  2. modelling of the materiality of research publications and collections;
  3. modelling of the socio-cultural agencies shaping the understanding and historical interpretations of the documents and texts.


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