Manuscript: BL Additional 61735

Description (from Gneuss, Handlist of Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts)

Farming Memoranda* : 1007x1025, Ely.

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British Library
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Additional 61735

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G. 302.2
K. 80
Ely , Documents

Gneuss, Handlist of Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts (G. 302.2)

Farming Memoranda* : 1007x1025, Ely.

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BL, MolCat: FARMING MEMORANDA OF ELY ABBEY: England, Ely, co. Camb.; circa 1007-1025. Anglo-Saxon. Memoranda comprising (a) a list of valuations of livestock, seed, farm implements, ships etc., supplied by Ely Abbey to Thorney Abbey (refounded 972); (b) an inventory of livestock on Ely Abbey farms; (c) a list of rents, in eels, due from fenland belonging to Ely. No comparable documents have survived from this period. The notes were apparently written by four hands over a period of time, indicating that they may have been working notes, perhaps recorded on a flyleaf, made in preparation for more formal accounts. It is not known whether the notes relate to a gift from Ely to Thorney, or to some other transaction between the two houses. Hart has pointed out that the reference to land at (Little) Thetford implies a date after 1007, when it was acquired by Ely. Pen-trials in Latin and some diastematic neumes also occur.