Manuscript: JCC 35 (B.13)

Description (from Gneuss, Handlist of Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts)

Gregory, Homiliae in Ezechielem : s. xi ex., (prov. Bury).

Current location

St John's College
Town or City
35 (B.13)

Other information

Catalogue Numbers
G. 147

Gneuss, Handlist of Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts (G. 147)

Gregory, Homiliae in Ezechielem : s. xi ex., (prov. Bury).

Gneuss, Addenda and corrigenda to the Handlist of Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts

At the end, on 173v, a copy of the Trinubium Annae was added s.xi/xii. See Thomas N. Hall, ‘The Earliest Anglo- Latin Text of the Trinubium Annae (BHL 505 zl)’, Via Crucis: Essays on Early Medieval Sources and Ideas in Memory of J. E. Cross, ed. T. N. Hall (Morgantown, WV, 2000), pp. 104–37, and idem, ‘The Early English Manuscripts of Gregory the Great’s Homilies on the Gospel and Homilies on Ezechiel: a Preliminary Survey’, Rome and the North: The Early Reception of Gregory the Great in Germanic Europe, ed. R. H. Bremmer, K. Dekker and D. F. Johnson (Leuven, 2001), pp. 115–36, at 131 and n. 64.

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