Manuscript: CCC s.n., (pastedown)

Description (from Gneuss, Handlist of Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts)

Solinus, Collectanea (f) : s. xi ex. or xii in., Bury.

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Clare College
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Catalogue Numbers
G. 35

Gneuss, Handlist of Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts (G. 35)

Solinus, Collectanea (f) : s. xi ex. or xii in., Bury.

Gneuss, Addenda and corrigenda to the Handlist of Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts

G. 35 and G. 35.5 These binding fragments are identical, as Rebecca Rushforth points out to me; no. 35.5 has therefore to be deleted. The fragments come from a copy of Solinus, Collectanea, not Orosius. Cf. J. A. Guy, ‘A Lost Manuscript of Solinus. Five Fragments from Bury St Edmunds in the Library of Clare College, Cambridge’, Trans. of the Cambridge Bibliographical Soc. 6 (1972), 65–7, and N. R. Ker, Medieval Libraries of Great Britain. A List of Surviving Books. Supplement to the Second Edition, ed. Andrew G. Watson (London, 1987), p. 5. Two more fragments from the same book have now been found in a printed book, Cambridge, University Library, Syn. 6. 54. 7 [7095].

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