Manuscript: Rochester s.n.

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Laws*; Genealogies; Cartulary: s. xii1, Rochester.

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Cathedral Library
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Textus Roffensis
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D. 817
K. 373
s. xii1

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Laws*; Genealogies; Cartulary: s. xii1, Rochester.

English Manuscripts 1060-1220 Project

The manuscript consists of two parts, both of which were probably compiled during the time of Bishop Ernulf of Rochester (1115-24).

Described within the category of 'legal encyclopaedia' by Wormald (1999), the first part of the manuscript contains mainly laws, genealogies and lists of popes, emperors, patriarchs, and English archbishops and bishops in Old English and some Latin items. Fols 58-80, 'Incipiunt quędam instituta de legibus regum anglorum' contain nine Old English glosses not in the main hand (see Liebermann 1903).

The second part contains cartulary of Rochester Cathedral priory (Rochester: List of Estates Rochester: List of Serfs) in Latin and Old English, notes of the number of masses to be recited for members of English and Norman religious houses in confraternity with Rochester, and the catalogue of Rochester Cathedral Library (Ker 1957, p. 447).

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