Hand: Manumissions, Hand 6 (8v14–16), Bodleian Bodley 579 (2675)

Manumissions, Hand 6 (8v14–16)
Bodleian Bodley 579 (2675)
Saec. xi1

Stokes, English Vernacular Script, ca 990–ca 1035, Vol. 2 (PhD Thesis, University of Cambridge, 2006)

This brief manumission was written with a thick pen held at a slant and with much shading. Ascenders are about minim-length and have small wedges, and descenders are shorter and taper. Minims have small wedges and usually have small feet. Letter-forms are similar to those of the first two hands and include the same flat-topped a, a more rounded but essentially horned æ, a short but moderately straight back of d angled at about 45°, and both round and horned e. The hook and tongue of f are short, g is much like that of G.585-2, and h is somewhere between Caroline and Insular: the shoulder is very rounded, the down-stroke fairly straight, but the foot is lacking. The shoulders of m, n, and r are all very angular. Only low s is found, and ð is not found. Straight-limbed dotted y was used with the right branch hooked left.

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