Hand: One Gloss (ic þingige, 185r), Bodleian Bodley 381 (2202)

One Gloss (ic þingige, 185r)
Bodleian Bodley 381 (2202)
Saec. x/xi
Unknown (CaA?)

Stokes, English Vernacular Script, ca 990–ca 1035, Vol. 2 (PhD Thesis, University of Cambridge, 2006)

This gloss is in the same hand as Latin marginalia and corrections to the text but is distinguished from these by script. The hand is very rough, and strokes often do not join. The pen was thin but the hand shows some shading. The ascender is about minim-length but lacks wedges, and the descender is short and straight. Minims usually have short straight approach-strokes and horizontal feet. Round c and e were used, the latter with a long straight rising tongue and a relatively large eye. The top of g is flat and fairly long, the mid-section is quite angular, and the tail is very open, extending down and left but hooked up slightly at the tip. The shoulder of n is very angular, and the body of þ is triangular.

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