Hand: Scribble (sawulf, p. 61), CCCC 188

Scribble (sawulf, p. 61)
CCCC 188
Saec. xi
Unknown (Ælfric)

Stokes, English Vernacular Script, ca 990–ca 1035, Vol. 2 (PhD Thesis, University of Cambridge, 2006)

Ker dated this addition to the second half of the eleventh century,Ker, Catalogue, p. 66 (no. 43) but there seems little reason for his doing so as nothing in the hand precludes the first half of that century. The tops of descenders and u have small approach-strokes, the top of l is tapering, and the tips of the descenders in s and wynn are hooked left. Low s was used, the hook of which is quite angular. Single-compartment a is found with a straight back extending slightly above the body, and with a fairly angular bowl which does not reach the back at the bottom. The tongue of f is long, concave down, and extends left of the down-stroke.

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