Hand: Scribbles (byrnstan beoffan sunu ælfnoð ælrices sunu æt hrocanlea, 104r), CUL Kk.3.21 (2007)

Scribbles (byrnstan beoffan sunu ælfnoð ælrices sunu æt hrocanlea, 104r)
CUL Kk.3.21 (2007)
Saec. xi

Stokes, English Vernacular Script, ca 990–ca 1035, Vol. 2 (PhD Thesis, University of Cambridge, 2006)

This note was scribbled with a thin pen in a fairly large hand. Ascenders have small or no wedges and are usually as long as or slightly shorter than minims, although final l is much longer. Descenders are straight and are very short for the most part, although they are approximately the length of minims in the second line of the text. Minims have short approach-strokes and normally lack feet, although u has a small tick. Semi-Caroline a is found, the thick back of which has a small leftward hook and extends slightly above the laterally extended body. A similar form was used for æ, though varied in execution; the letter is often slightly open, and sometimes the hook joins the body producing a more rotund form. The tongue of æ is fairly short and rising, and the hook is rounded and often extends slightly above cue-height. Horned c is found. Horned e was used, the hook and tongue like those of æ except that the tongue can be horizontal and at cue-height when in a low ligature with following o or a. The tongue of f is flat and of medium length, and the hook branches from close to the base-line. The shoulders of h, m, and n are all fairly rounded and also branch from well below cue-height. A small hook is also found on the left shoulder of o. Deeply-split, forward-leaning Caroline r is found which descends slightly below the base-line. Round and long s were both used, long initially and round medially and finally even before t. Long s has a narrow hook and is slightly forward-leaning. The back of ð is straight but not particularly long; the through-stroke is quite low and has the hint of a downward tick on the right. A narrow, undotted, round-limbed y is found, the tail extending well under the preceding letter.

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