DigiPal Workshop, 8 June 2012

The DigiPal team held a very useful workshop on 8 June 2012 to explain the model and test the system with some researchers in the London area. Feedback was generally very positive, but we still need to test the system more thoroughly with the different material to be sure that it will work. If it will work with Latin, Old English, Hebrew and Cuneiform then that is a pretty good start!

Those attending and their principal interests were:

  • Beatriz Caballero (DigiPal)
  • Neil Jakeman (DigiPal)
  • Debora Matos (Hebrew manuscripts from Portugal)
  • Ruth Mullett (DigiPal)
  • Peter Stokes (DigiPal)
  • Jonathan Taylor (Cuneiform tablets)
  • Jose Miguel Vieira (DigiPal)
  • Matilda Watson (Scandinavian Latin)

Some slides from the workshop are also attached, including some discussion of the model for manuscripts and composite codices.


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