In addition to the project blog and other content on this website, the following publications have come out of the DigiPal project, either directly or through immediately related research. For other publications relating to computing and palaeography, see General Bibliography.


  • English Vernacular Minuscule from Æthelred to Cnut, c. 990 – c. 1035 (Cambridge, 2014). [See further here.]

Journal Articles and Chapters in Books

  • S. Brookes, D. Matos, M. Watson and P.A. Stokes, 'The DigiPal Project for European Scripts and Decorations'. In Writing Europe 500–1450: Texts and Contexts, ed. by A. Conti, O. da Rold and P. Shaw. Essays and Studies 68 (2015): 25–58.
  • T. Hassner, M. Rehbein, P.A. Stokes and L. Wolf, 'Computation and Palaeography: Potentials and Limits', Dagstuhl Manifestos 2 (2013): 14–35. doi:10.4230/DagMan.2.1.14.
    • Précis published in Informatik Spektrum 36:2 (2013): 196–98. doi:10.1007/s00287-013-0690-3.
    • Reprinted in Kodikologie und Paläographie im Digitalen Zeitalter 3 — Codicology and Palaeography in the Digital Age 3, ed. by O. Duntze et al. Schriften des Instituts für Dokumentologie und Editorik 10 (Norderstedt, 2015), pp. 1–30.
  • M. Maniaci et al., 'Table ronde. Applications actuelles de l’informatique à la paléographie: quelles méthodes pour quelles finalités?', Gazette du livre médiéval 56–57 (2011): 119–30.


  • DigiPal Resource for and Database of Palaeography, Manuscripts and Diplomatic. [Framework for analysis and delivery of palaeographical and related content online. Requires Django web server and associated libraries. For full list of contributors see the Project Team.]

Working Papers, Short Articles, Posters and Reports

Submitted/Under Review

  • S. Brookes, 'The Shape of Things to Come? Variation and Intervention in Aldred’s Gloss to the Lindisfarne Gospels'. The Old English Glosses to the Lindisfarne Gospels: Author, Language and Context, ed. Julia Fernandez Cuesta and Sara Pons-Sanz (Mouton de Gruyter). 10,000 words
  • P.A. Stokes, 'Computing and Palaeography in Theory: Some Historical Context for the Future'. Digital Palaeography, ed. by Brookes, Rehbein and Stokes. 8,000 words
  • P.A. Stokes, 'Rule and Variation in Eleventh-Century Minuscule Script'. Ruling the Script: Formal Aspects of Medieval Written Communication, ed. by D. Stutzman et al. Utrecht Studies in Medieval Literature. 7,000 words
  • D. Matos, 'SephardiPal: Palaeography and Decoration of Late-Medieval Sephardic Manuscripts'. Proceedings of the International Conference on Jewish-Christian Cultural Relations in Portugal at the End of the Middle Ages. Lisbon, Portugal, Oct 31–Nov 1 2013.


The DigiPal team have now given a number of talks around the world, and some of these have videos which are now available online:

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