Hand: Three Glosses (sylfcwala, 34r; swa swa beardleasum rince, 46r; 7 racgige, 70v), Bodleian Bodley 97 (1928)

Three Glosses (sylfcwala, 34r; swa swa beardleasum rince, 46r; 7 racgige, 70v)
Bodleian Bodley 97 (1928)
Saec. xi

Stokes, English Vernacular Script, ca 990–ca 1035, Vol. 2 (PhD Thesis, University of Cambridge, 2006)

These glosses were also written with a very thin pen, long ascenders with small wedges or no decoration, and shorter straight descenders. Caroline and teardrop-shaped a are both found, the backs of which are usually fairly upright; in one case, however, the left side is quite upright but the back is sloped and curves out in a long tail. A straight-backed but essentially round c and e were used, and the hook of e is rounded and the tongue straight and rising. The back of d is short and round. The tongue of f is long, and the hook branches from just above the base-line. The top of g is flat, the mid-section hangs from the centre of the top-stroke and descends down and to the left before turning fairly sharply right along the base-line, and then turning back into a wide, open tail which is angled down at the tip. The shoulders of n and Insular r are both fairly rounded, although Caroline r was also used. Essentially tall s is also found, the hooks fairly small and the down-strokes extending slightly below the base-line. Straight-limbed dotted y was used, the left branch concave up, the right branch hooked left, and the tail hooked right.

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