Hand: Scribble (min hors [four times], i verso), Pembroke 88

Scribble (min hors [four times], i verso)
Pembroke 88
Saec. xi
Unknown (CaA?)

Stokes, English Vernacular Script, ca 990–ca 1035, Vol. 2 (PhD Thesis, University of Cambridge, 2006)

The phrase min hors was written four times on this leaf, all by different scribes. Perhaps the earliest was written in a very irregular hand immediately above, and in much the same ink as, a rough sketch of a horse. This hand shows Caroline h, Caroline s, and rounded Insular r. The ascender of h, the descender of r, the back of s, and the first minim of m are angled back at about 70–80°. The ascender of h is about minim-length and has a thin, angled top-stroke. The descender of r is straight. Minims have small approach-strokes and horizontal feet. A second min hors was added elsewhere on the page with no apparent connexion to the illustration. This was written with much the same combination of letter-forms, including Insular r and Caroline h and s, but the scribe used a thinner pen and wrote a much more regular hand. The ascender of h lacks any decoration but tapers slightly. The first word was written with a very thin pen but the second is more angular and written with a thicker pen. Another min hors was added in the illustration itself; this was written in an angular and relatively heavy script with a fairly flat pen and much shading. The ascender is wedged but very short, minims have small approach-strokes and angled feet, and h, r, and s are all Caroline. Finally, a fourth copy was written in light ink in a very angular, very tall but compressed script, probably of the late eleventh or twelfth century.

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